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We have developed our 4D-Mapping range for projects at the feasibility stage. The costs and delivery times of a 4D-Map can be as much as 75% less than commissioning a full engineering standard survey drawing.

Simply choose the information you want the 4D-Map to show from the selection menu and it will then be collected and collated by a professional surveyor.

We will also assess the site to enable us to provide you with a quotation for a full survey. The cost of the 4D-Map will be deducted from the full survey if it is required.

4D-MAPPING FEATURES        click on a heading for further information

+ Ordnance Survey plans

4D-Mapping information is provided on the background Ordnance Survey Sitemap™ Data for the property. These plans cover the whole of the UK and are supplied in digital DXF format which is suitable for most CAD packages.

The additional information you requested will be superimposed on the OS background plan and supplemented by a written report and photographs where appropriate.

We will purchase the OS mapping that covers the area of interest on your behalf under a Plan, Design, Build (PDB) Licence so that you can be share it amongst all the parties involved with the project.

We will also provide you with the original, unedited map that we receive as part of the final delivery.

Select the most suitable licence duration for your needs prior to purchase (12, 18, 24 or 30 months).

For full information regarding the terms of the PDB licence, please click on the following link: Ordnance Survey PDB Licences

+ Land Usage and Descriptions

We enhance the basic Ordnance Survey plan by adding land usage information and detailed descriptions of the features shown. For example:

  • Hard and soft surface types (concrete, asphalt, grass, rough ground etc)
  • Boundary feature descriptions and height (stone wall height 1.2m, post and rail fence height 1.8m etc)
  • A note of the apparent land usage (pasture, domestic garden, parking area etc)

We will also provide a sample of contextual photographs to give a visual impression of the site.

+ Structures

As part of the standard 4D-Mapping package we will provide you with a description of any structures shown on the Ordnance Survey Plan for instance:

  • The apparent construction material (brick, stone, timber etc)
  • A statement on current usage (storage, accommodation, office etc)
  • An opinion on the general condition (good, poor, dilapidated etc)

We will also make note of any significant alterations to the building which are not shown on the OS map such as extensions or demolitions.

Enhanced options include:

  • Photographic record of the principal building elevations
  • The measurement of the principal floor levels
  • The measurement of the principal roof ridge levels

+ Ground Levels

Spot height information shown on standard Ordnance Survey plans is often infrequent and is usually limited to public highways.

The general topography of the project site itself can be represented by the addition of representative spot heights, which will help indicate terracing or the approximate gradient of slopes. Spot height values will be linked to the Ordnance Survey datum via GPS.

The 4D-Mapping menu allows you to select your desired approximate spacing of the spot heights.

We measure the Spot height where it is practical to do so by GPS methods. Please note that coverage may be limited, or non-existent, under tree canopies or adjacent to large structures.

We have designed this option to provide you with general indication of the site topography. If you require a more comprehensive representation of the site topography, this would be outside the scope of a 4D-Mapping and full Topographical Survey would be more suitable.

Topographical Surveys

+ Trees

Our standard 4D-Mapping package provides you with general descriptions of wooded areas (for example, well spaced mature deciduous, dense established coniferous etc)

We can also provide enhanced information which includes:

  • Approximate height of wooded areas or significant individual specimens
  • Predominant trunk diameters
  • Where practical, we may also be able to give an approximate Tree Count
  • Investigate the presence of any General Area or Specific Feature Tree Preservation Orders that may apply in the site area. If such documents exist in plan format, we will attempt to overlay the details on the OS drawing. The paper copy TPO plans we obtain will be included as part of the final delivery.

+ Traffic Features

We can provide you with valuable information regarding the existing traffic features and parking restrictions present on the site.

Options include:

  • Adding a diagrammatic indication of the highway white line markings.
  • Showing the approximate location and digital photographs of significant road signage.
  • Noting the various parking areas and restrictions that are in force.

+ Land Registry Title Plans

We can obtain the Land Registry Tile Plan documents on your behalf and, where practical, overlay them on the OS plan giving a picture of the legal property boundaries in context with all the other 4D-Mapping information shown.

The paper copy Title Plans we obtain will be provided as part of the final delivery.

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Important Notes Regarding 4D-Mapping

4D-Mapping is not suitable for use as the basis for detailed design drawings or for use as a legal document or any other purpose beyond a preliminary study of the site in question.

Atlas Surveys llp accept no liability for the accuracy or completeness of Ordnance Surveys data or plans sourced from other agencies, bodies or authorities or any supplementary measurements derived from or based on such plans.

Overlaying of documents is undertaken as a ‘best fit’ exercise and does not constitute a definitive representation of the actual relationship between two discrete documents.

References to the condition of features and structures are based on casual visual examination of outward appearance and are not intended to be a substitute for undertaking full condition surveys by an appropriately trained person.

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